KMLabs Founder & CEO Henry C. Kapteyn, Interviewed on CCTV

Professor Henry Kapteyn was interviewed on CCTV to talk about the market and applications of ultrafast laser technology in China. The American KMLabs company was born in 1994, thru the University of Colorado’s campus. Professor Henry C. Kapteyn, the company’s co-founder, and his wife, Professor Margaret M. Murnane, are well-known for their pioneering work on… Read more »

Chief Scientist Backus wins SPIE Edgerton Award

Congratulations to Dr. Sterling Backus on being awarded the SPIE 2018 Harold E. Edgerton Award!!!!!!!! The Harold E. Edgerton Award is presented annually for outstanding contributions to optical or photonic techniques in the application and understanding of high speed physical phenomena. The development of new technologies and the new application of existing technologies shall be… Read more »

KMLabs Chief Scientist Recognized

KMLabs’ Chief Scientist, Dr. Sterling Backus, has been mentioned in the July issue of  Nature Photonics.  The article LASERS: Diode-pump fix highlights research presented in Opt. Express 25, 12469–12477 (2017).  The work demonstrates a breakthrough reduction of pump-induced loss in a direct diode-pumped Ti:sapphire oscillator by using a single pump diode and an innovative focusing geometry. The result… Read more »

KMLabs at Nonlinear Optics 2017

Dr. Matt Kirchner, our Product Management and Development Manager, will be attending OSA Nonlinear Optics Topical Meeting from July 17-21st in Waikoloa, HI!  He will be presenting on the Electronic Control of Nonlinear Polarization Evolution Modelocking in Fiber Lasers. You can access this paper here. Related Products If you wish to set a meeting with… Read more »

KMLabs Picosecond Tape Measure becomes Museum Exhibit

The Museum of the History of Science houses an unrivalled collection of early scientific instruments in the world’s oldest surviving purpose-built museum building, the Old Ashmolean on Broad Street, Oxford. One of those instruments, is now the KMLabs Picosecond Tape Measure!  VIEW HERE Instrument Description: The KMLabs Tape Measure has been designated, “[the] first piece of… Read more »

Dr. Henry Kapteyn Invited to ATTO 2017 in Xi’an, China

KMLabs has increased its visibility at conferences and this year, Dr. Henry Kapteyn has been invited to speak at the 6th International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO 2017). The conference is from July 2-7, 2017 in Xi’an, China. Henry will be presenting a talk titled Far above bandgap photonics: attosecond dynamics of highly excited electrons in materials. … Read more »

KMLabs Featured in June Issue of Laser Focus World

KMLabs’ work on direct diode pumped Ti:sapphire (DDPTS) lasers has been highlighted in the June issue of Laser Focus World: Enhancing ultrafast: Direct diode-pumped Ti:sapphire systems By: Sterling Backus, Henry C. Kapteyn, Matt Kirchner and Margaret M. Murnane  Related Products

Record power 13fs direct-diode pumped Ti:sapphire laser

Direct diode-pumped Kerr Lens 13 fs Ti:sapphire ultrafast oscillator using a single blue laser diode Sterling Backus, Matt Kirchner, Charles Durfee, Margaret Murnane, and Henry Kapteyn Abstract We demonstrate a direct diode-pumped Kerr Lens Modelocked Ti:sapphire laser producing 13 fs pulses with 1.85 nJ energy at 78 MHz (145 mW) using a single laser diode… Read more »

KMLabs at CLEO 2017 booth #2227

KMLabs Invites You to Attend CLEO Visit us in booth 2227 It’s always a pleasure to reacquaint with our long-term customers and, of course, meet new ones. We are the go-to company for the most advanced, standard and custom ultrafast ti:sapphire lasers— and now fiber lasers. Come to us to discuss your needs! At CLEO… Read more »

KMLabs releases Y-Fi – OPA product

KMLabs’s latest product builds – quite literally – on its successful high-performance Y-Fi product line that delivers the shortest, cleanest, multi-µJ fiber laser pulses. By incorporating a bulk white-light-seeded optical parametric amplifier (OPA) as a second layer on top of the small briefcase-size (30×40 cm) turn-key Y-Fi™ platform, KMLabs Y-Fi OPA™ provides infrared laser pulses, tunable from… Read more »

KMLabs direct diode pumped Ti:sapphire ultrafast regenerative amplifier a Top Download in Optics Express

Over ~>90% of ultrafast science research and development is done with using ultrafast Ti:sapphire lasers, a technology developed nearly 20 years ago. The great advantages of Ti:sapphire lasers are that they are broadly tunable, can achieve very high power with good efficiency and excellent beam quality, while easily producing the shortest pulse durations of <10fs…. Read more »

KMLabs’ XUUS Source Enables 1st sub-wavelength EUV 13.5nm imaging

In recent work published in Nature Photonics, Dennis Gardner and colleagues from the Murnane/Kapteyn group at JILA used the KMLabs XUUS4TM as a light source to achieve the 1st sub-wavelength EUV imaging for any light source, small or large. They also demonstrated coherent imaging of near-periodic samples with record 12.6 nm spatial resolution, at the technologically significant wavelength of… Read more »

FRISNO 14 Conference, Ein Gedi, Isreal

Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane will be visiting Ein Gedi, Israel for the FRISNO conference. From March 5 – March 10, 2017 they will discuss both basic science and technology applications of coherent EUV light, as generated by the KMLabs XUUS™.

KMLabs moves to new facilities in Boulder

In summer 2016, KMLabs moved to its new facility at 4775 Walnut St, Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80301. WIth >20,000 sf of space including >5,000 sf of contiguous cleanroom space for production and R&D, KMLabs is poised for growth.