The KMLabs Halcyon™ repetition-rate stabilized oscillator is popular with customers who need to synchronize oscillator laser pulses with pulses from another laser or with a synchrotron.  Electronics included with the Halcyon™ lock its output to the customer’s reference signal and can provide timing jitter of less than 150 fs.  Stabilization of the repetition rate is achieved through multiple features including a temperature-stabilized breadboard, a motorized stage for coarse feedback, and a small piezo-mounted mirror for fast feedback.  The KMLabs team works closely with each Halcyon™ customer to ensure that the system meets their specific needs.  Due to the flexible design of the Halcyon™, it can lock to reference signals over a very wide range:  75 MHz to 4 GHz.

Unique Features

  • Low jitter, <150 fs, locking to your RF reference signal
  • Customer-specified reference frequency: 75 MHz – 4 GHz
  • Ultrashort sub-12 fs pulses, up to 1.4 W average power
  • Easy-to-use, computer-controlled interface

Product Configurations

Halcyon™-5                <12 fs, 750-840 nm, >550 mW, 75-102 MHz, Integrated 5 W pump

Halcyon™-10              <25 fs, 750-850 nm, >1.4 W, 75-102 MHz, Integrated 10 W pump

Custom configurations available