KMLabs is the pioneer in introducing robust, engineered coherent EUV systems to the market. The eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source (XUUS4™) is our 4th generation instrument that upconverts ultrafast laser pulses into the Extreme UV (EUV) or Soft X-Ray regions of the spectrum. Employing the process of high harmonic generation, the output beam is fully coherent and laser-like, with a wavelength that can be tuned from ~10 to 47 nm. Moreover, customized systems can generate coherent beams with wavelength as short as 2 nm. Applications metrology in support of EUV lithography, lensless nanoimaging, and pump-probe studies of magnetic, materials, molecular, and nanosystems dynamics, with time resolution as short as 20 attoseconds.


  • Patented high harmonic conversion in a waveguide for optimum conversion, stability, and minimum gas usage. EUV flux can exceed > 5×1012 ph/sec, for the most demanding applications
  • Ultrastable, 4-axis active stabilization of the beam, generating an EUV beam intensity and wavefront stability comparable to vis-IR lasers
  • Repetition rate from 1 kHz to >100 kHz depending on drive laser
  • Diagnostic cameras for performance monitoring and alignment control
  • Graphical, intuitive software control
  • Stable, industrial optical mounting on a temperature stabilized platform
  • A growing family of beamline modules that make it easy to quickly set-up your experiment
  • Design based upon many years of R&D and 4 generations of optimization
  • User-selectable peak wavelength between 26 eV (47 nm) and >100 eV (10 nm)
  • Highly coherent, wavefront-stable, laser-like EUV light
  • Custom XUUS systems to generate soft X-rays to wavelengths ~2nm
  • Waveguide design allows efficient use of high-pressure gas with minimum gas usage:
    1000x less than a gas jet geometry and up to 100x greater efficiency
  • XUUS output can be optimized for different applications: ARPES, imaging, transient absorption, MOKE, XMCD

Featured Applications:

KMLabs’ XUUS Source Enables 1st sub-wavelength EUV 13.5nm imaging

Wide Field-of-View Reflection-Mode Ptychographic Imaging Microscope with Tabletop 12.7 nm High Harmonic Illumination

Developmental Work:

KMLabs currently perfecting an x-ray microscope to provide both the research community and commercial clients with never before capabilities.