KMLabs Invites You to Attend CLEO Visit us in booth 2227
It’s always a pleasure to reacquaint with our long-term customers and, of course, meet new ones. We are the go-to company for the most advanced, standard and custom ultrafast ti:sapphire lasers— and now fiber lasers. Come to us to discuss your needs!

At CLEO we will be highlighting two new products for new science:

  1. The XUUSTM system. Proven coherent XUV/EUV laser source for applications in nanoimaging, photoelectron microscopy, and as a tabletop synchrotron source for your lab.
  2. The Y-FiTM ultrafast fiber laser family. Unprecedented µJ pulse energy, <100-200 fs pulses at up to 20 MHz, 35 W. Including the new Y-Fi OPATM—tunable ultrafast light in the near-IR (1.3-1.8 µm) and MIR (2.4-4 µm). For Multiphoton microscopy, OPCPA development, and MIR spectroscopy.

1. New KMlabs XUUSTM eXtreme Ultraviolet Ultrafast Source

  • Engineered, integrated, fully coherent VUV / EUV / Soft X-ray systems
  • Flexible beamline component system gets you up and running quickly
  • User-adjustable wavelength: 10-50 nm (25-100 eV), monochromator
  • Graphical, intuitive software control with integrated diagnostics
  • Synchronized visible-EUV femto-atto pulses for pump-probe
  • Novel Science and Technology:
    • 1st sub-wavelength EUV/SXR imaging
    • 1st 20 attosecond band-specific electron dynamics in materials
  • Custom Option 13nm-4nm capability

2. Ultra-compact, briefcase-size ultrafast fiber laser and OPA: Y-FiTM Series

  • Single rugged opto-mechanical platform
  • Engineered for hands-free operation, with ethernet control
  • Y-Fi fiber laser:
    • Sub<100 fs pulses (0.5 µJ), 200 fs (up to 3 µJ)
    • Average power: 4.5 W / 20 W / 35 W (Y-Fi™, / Y-Fi™ HP / Y-Fi™Ultra)
  • Y-Fi OPA:
    • Sub-50 fs
    • Tunable, broad wavelength coverage: UV to 4.5 µm
  • Synchronized UV-visible-mid-IR pulses for pump-probe
  • 30 x 40 cm laser footprint—Integrated OPA stacks on top!
  • Applications:
    • Micromachining
    • Multiphoton microscopy
    • OPCPA seeding—synchronized 1 µm, NIR, MIR

KMLabs is a US-based, developer and manufacturer of innovative ultrafast fiber laser and fiber amplifier solutions.

Official CLEO Exhibitor: KMLabs, Booth #2227