The Wyvern™ 1000  Series amplifier by KMLabs is the only variable repetition rate amplifier in today’s high energy kHz class market. Offering industry leading “hands-off” computer-controlled tuning of repetition rates and the highest scalable pulse energies available in the market. Make sure you answer these questions before buying any ultrafast amplifier, and future-proof your system!

Utilizing a simple Single-Stage design the Wyvern™ 1000 is a cut above its closest competitors that  require more complex two-stage or dual-head architectures in order to reach similar power levels.  Our patented Cryogenic technology eliminates thermal lensing and heat management issues that limit the competition.

  • Computer adjustable rep-rates
    • 1kHz through 10kHz and up to 10W of average power
    • 10kHz through 50kHz and up to 12W of average power

Featured Applications

Ultrafast excited-state relaxation of a binuclear Ag(I) phosphine complex in gas phase and solution Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2017,19, 22785-22800