Red Dragon™-30W Ti:sapphire Laser Amplifier

  • Real time adjustment from 1-3 kHz with no optical realignment
  • 1.5 mJ at 1 kHz repetition rate, 22 fs
  • 1.6 mJ at 10 kHz repetition rate, 25 fs


  • Patented cryogenic cooling of the Ti:sapphire crystal in a single-stage amplifier is available exclusively through KMLabs.
  • Vacuum cryo-cell that protects the crystal using a sealed, internal ion pump that requires negligible user maintenance.
  • Comprehensive, fully integrated system diagnostics make the Dragon™ a user-friendly amplification system, providing reference data for real time assistance with spatial, spectral and energy optimization.  Multiple cameras make alignment quick and simple.  Extensive data logs allow remote observation of system configuration for diagnostic assistance
  • Comprehensive software control