KMLabs is Ultrafast

Everything we do at KMLabs emphasizes delivery of the highest performance ultrafast light to your application.  The shortest pulse widths, with the cleanest, pedestal-free profiles consistently outperform the competition.  Our patented cryogenic cooling enables ultrafast amplifiers with a combination of high average power plus high pulse energy that simply can’t be achieved with traditional cooling methods.  It also allows wide, computer-controlled tuning of the pulse repetition rate – another feature that can’t be achieved with traditional cooling.  If your research involves ultrafast amplifiers, make sure you ask these questions.

Historically, working with state-of-the-art ultrafast pulses meant Ti:Sapphire as the gain medium.  While Ti:Sapphire is still very much the workhorse for sub-100 fs pulses, many of today’s ultrafast applications thrive with Yb-doped crystals, fiber, and nonlinear crystals.  KMLabs is ‘gain medium neutral’ – we use the best technology for the job and bring our world-class ultrafast expertise to the solution.  Ultrafast is not just Ti:Sapphire lasers anymore!  Our cryogenic technology applied to Yb systems provides unprecedented power scaling, as does KMLabs’ patented ultrafast fiber laser technology.  A variety of nonlinear crystals are paving the way for the next generation of mid-infrared Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification (OPCPA) systems. 

KMLabs is Innovation

For us, innovation means taking the world’s most advanced ultrafast laser technologies and transitioning them from R&D into to commercial products.  KMLabs’ patented waveguide High Harmonic Generation (HHG) technology, which converts ultrafast optical pulses into EUV and XUV pulses, is the perfect example of this.  When our Wyvern or Dragon amplifiers are combined with XUUS, the result is a uniquely powerful EUV source.  KMLabs is the only company that has delivered a CEP stabilized system at the 20W level.  Even with numerous state-of-the-art technologies, commercial production remains the lifeblood of our business. Our latest innovations includes the industry's first Production-Grade test instrument for Dispersion Measurements - Chromatis - which was a Finalist for the Prism Awards at Photonics West 2013.  And, the industry's first 9mJ, single-stage, single-pump Ti:Sapphire amplifier system - the Wyvern HE - which won the 2013 CLEO / Laser Focus World Innovation Award.  HHG is advancing quickly, and has now proven its utility in the semiconductor industry, as an ideal source for Coherent Diffractive Imaging in the EUV.  The video below is part of a recent cover article for Laser Focus World, and demonstrates 3D topological imaging using Ptychography.  For more details click on the cover to read the full article.



KMLabs is your partner

We’ll be there to support your application, and your systems.  Partnerships are core to the way KMLabs operates, and every customer is a partner.  We maintain strong partnerships with the University of Colorado/JILA, the ultrafast Extreme UV community, and U.S. Government agencies via our SBIR and STTR research programs.  Contact us to explore how a partnership with KMLabs can advance your ultrafast application, too.