Custom Laser Technologies

KMLabs also specializes in custom-built laser technologies, leveraging our 20-year history of innovative development of cutting-edge high powered femtosecond lasers and accessories. We have delivered TW-class kHz lasers (25s, 25mJ, 1kHz) with exceptional beam quality and performance based on our cryo-cooled amplifier technology, as well as >30W kHz lasers.

The KMLabs team of engineers and laser designers will work closely with you to produce custom built lasers, from concept to production. Please Contact Us with your specific needs.

Direct Diode Pumped Ti:sapphire

Many scientific and industrial applications can benefit from the use of ultrashort sub-100 fs duration pulses with moderate energy, but at >100 kHz repetition rates. Typically, Ti:sapphire oscillator/amplifier systems have filled this role as a workhorse for research applications, with their unmatched ultrashort-pulse amplification performance and tunability.  More recently, Yb-based fiber lasers and other ultrafast sources have become more broadly adopted for less-demanding applications, offering the advantages of a direct diode-pumped architecture at the expense of pulse duration performance, while Ti:sapphire systems require complex intracavity-doubled green lasers for the pump source.  Nonlinear pulse compression or parametric amplification pumped by Yb-based lasers can satisfy some needs for ultrafast pulses and tunability, but again increase complexity and reduce the reliability of the source, and often generate pulses with large pedestal and other poor characteristics. Thus, the ideal ultrafast laser—diode pumped, simple, reliable, and with uncompromising performance—has now been realized.

EUV Microscopy

KMLabs is currently perfecting an x-ray microscope to provide both the research community and commercial clients with new capabilities.