The KMLabs Cascade™ Ti:sapphire laser oscillator provides higher energy and adjustable repetition rates by utilizing a cavity-dumping technique.  An acousto-optic-modulator (AOM) dumps high energy pulses out of the cavity at rate that can be adjusted by the customer from 40kHz to 4MHz.  The Cascade™ produces >30nJ, <15fs pulses useful for a wide range of applications including ultrafast imaging, harmonic generation, and pump-probe spectroscopy.  The Cascade’s user-adjustable repetition rate allows customers who do pump-probe based experiments to control the time between subsequent pulses in their experiment enabling the study of samples which require longer times to return to an equilibrium between pulses.  Another unique advantage of the Cascade™ is that it includes a standard, non-dumped output at a repetition rate of ~80MHz.  This additional lower energy output can be used for more traditional applications or in combination with the higher energy dumped output.