The Y-Fi™ laser family is a series of high average power, multi-MHz repetition-rate ultrafast fiber lasers. Y-Fi™ products are based on a briefcase-size, rugged platform, are engineered for hands-free operation, and are distinguished from the competition by their class-leading ultrashort pulse duration for µJ-level pulsed fiber lasers: 80-200 fs.

The Y-Fi™ operates at 1035 nm, with average power up to 35W. Different configurations allow for different maximum pulse energy, and a variety of options integrated with the fiber laser platform allow for broad spectral coverage:

1035 ± 5 nm:   Y-Fi™/Y-Fi™ HP/Y-Fi™ HP Ultra

1300-1800 nm, 2.4-4.5 μm:  Y-Fi™ OPA


2nd/3rd harmonic: Y-Fi™ HG