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The Y-Fi HP laser is the second offering in KMLabs’ new product line of ultrafast lasers based on rare earth-doped optical fiber – in this case Ytterbium Fiber.  The design is based on patented All Normal Dispersion (ANDi) ultrafast fiber technology, licensed from Cornell University.  ANDi lasers have numerous advantages relative to traditional ultrafast fiber lasers, such as:

  • Higher pulse energies and average power, with robust, perfect beam quality
  • Absence of any anomalous dispersion in the cavity
  • Short pulse operation with excellent pulse pedestal characteristics, maintaining the history and reputation of KMLabs

The performance above indicates many other key features that have been implemented in the Y-Fi HP.  These include:

  • Computer-controlled pulse compression for the output
  • Graphical User Interface system control
  • Clearly defined pulse pedestal specifications and definitions
  • Pulse characterization using SHG-FROG techniques
  • Various interlocks – both automated and user-controlled

The combination of pulse energy, high repetition rate, and ~150fs pulse width enables exciting new applications in ultrafast microscopy, micro-machining, mid-IR conversion in conjunction with an OPO, supercontinuum generation, laser surgery, and ophthalmology.  Demonstration of filament generation and white light, using a bulk YAG substrate, is shown in the video below:





Finally, KMLabs recognizes that the environmental stability for a laser targeting these applications must exceed the capability of typical ultrafast laser systems. Along those lines, KMLabs has performed temperature cycling for the Y-Fi, establishing a baseline operational specification of 16-26°C.