Wyvern HE

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The Wyvern-HE provides an unprecedented >9 mJ pulse energy specification with <45 fs pulse duration at 1 kHz repetition rate, using single-pump, single-stage compact regenerative amplification. The peak power of the pulses in this system can reach as high as 0.2 TW, a new record peak power for output directly from a single stage amplifier.  Make sure you answer these questions before buying any ultrafast amplifier, and future-proof your system!

KMLabs CEO and Founder, Henry Kapteyn, accepting the 2013 CLEO / Laser Focus World Innovation Award for the Wyvern HE.  Presenting the award is W. Conard Holton, Associate Publisher / Editor in Chief of Laser Focus World.

Utilizing a simple single-stage design the Wyvern HE is a cut above its closest competitors that require more complex two-stage or dual-head architectures in order to reach similar power levels. In the Wyvern-HE we have combined our exclusive, patented, cryogenic cooling technology with a proprietary, regenerative cavity design. This enables a >2X pulse energy increase from previous state-of-the-art technology with only single-stage amplification, and leads to several advantages:

  1.     Less complexity with improved stability, ease-of-use, and  simpler maintenance
  2.     More compactness with 50% smaller footprint
  3.     Fewer components, giving ~40% cost reduction
  4.     Computer-controlled tuning of the repetition rate