Red Wyvern RW20

The RedWyvern 20™ Series amplifier by KMLabs is the only variable repetition rate amplifier in today’s high energy kHz class market. Offering industry leading “hands-off” computer-controlled tuning of repetition rates and the highest scalable pulse energies available in the market. Make sure you answer these questions before buying an ultrafast amplifier, and future-proof your system!

Utilizing an Industry Leading Dual-Stage design the RedWyvern 20 far out performs it’s closest competitors with Two-Stage or Dual-Head architectures that limit you to slow sampling at a fixed 1kHz repetition rate for similar power levels. Our patented Cryogenic technology eliminates thermal lensing and heat management issues that slow down the competition.

KMLabs… Leading in Ultrafast

  • "Hands-Free" computer control of
    • 10kHz through 20kHz repetition rates
  • 20W or 30W models with
    • pulse energies up to 2mJ or 3mJ