KMLabs releases Y-Fi – OPA product

KMLabs’s latest product builds– quite literally– on its successful high performance Y-Fi product line. By incorporating a white-light-seeded optical parametric amplif ier (OPA) as a second layer on top of the small (30×40 cm) turn-key Y-Fi™ platform, KMLabs Y-Fi OPA™ provides infrared laser pulses, tunable from 1.3-1.8 µm (for the signal wave) and 2.4-4.5 µm… Read more »

KMLabs’ XUUS Source Enables 1st sub-wavelength EUV 13.5nm imaging

In the work “Subwavelength coherent imaging of periodic samples using a 13.5 nm tabletop high-harmonic light source,” Dennis Gardner and colleagues from the Murnane/Kapteyn group at JILA, University of Colorado used the KMLabs XUUS4 as a light source for EUV imaging with record 12.6 nm resolution. The use of coherent EUV light to implement the coherent diffractive imaging technique,… Read more »

KMLabs moves to new facilities in Boulder

In summer 2016, KMLabs moved to its new facility at 4775 Walnut St, Suite 102, Boulder, CO 80301. WIth >20,000 sf of space including >5,000 sf of contiguous cleanroom space for production and R&D, KMLabs is poised for growth.